With Gratitude

2 August, 2021
Janet Miller

Janet Miller

As we embark upon a new phase in the firm founded by Mark Rowland in 1977, we have a few acknowledgments.  The Future Thinking community of the Center for Authentic Leadership challenged me to look at the legacy of our company and was crucial in putting me on the path to working with GRM to rename and rebrand the firm.  Special recognition to Mike Tyre, April Voris, Joe Boris, and Donna Martin for their contributions to this website and for making the entire process an invigorating experience. Mike was prescient when he told us at the outset that we would learn things we didn’t realize we knew and we’d have fun doing so. 

My colleagues were instrumental in the thought and work culminating in this website. A traditional reading of “Partners” correctly brings to mind individuals who make up our company. And: our participation in the challenging, thought-provoking, and absorbing world of capitalism, finance, and investment is enabled by the partners motivating us every day to bring our best selves in service to them, their families, and their unique goals and aspirations: our clients. Thank you for the opportunity to be in gratefulness.

Janet T. Miller, CFA