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Investing Through Our Equity Growth Portfolio

Rowland Miller + Partners is the successor firm to Rowland & Company, founded in 1977 by Mark Rowland. We are an independent investment advisor, registered with the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC), located in Atlanta, Georgia. RM+P provides portfolio management under “active” strategies in contrast to “passive” portfolios based on indices such as the S&P 500 or the Barclays US Aggregate Bond index. Stock portfolios are invested under our Equity Growth Portfolio mandate; fixed income/bond portfolios are tailored to individual client needs and preferences if determined to be a desirable or practical allocation.

A Time-Tested Model

Initiated in the late ‘80s, our Equity Growth Portfolio policy is designed to meet our clients’ needs with realistic, enduring investment outcomes. Our focus is on the quality of corporate fundamentals and mitigating downside risk through security selection and diversification. We’re grounded in the fundamentals that have served our clients and partners for over four decades.

We Are For Serious Investors

Our policies and practices are intended for serious investors who possess both the emotional and financial resources necessary to initiate and maintain a long-term commitment to realize their investment goals. Our services are most valuable and appropriate to clients who are unwilling to barter their ultimate success for immediate comfort. We respect, admire, and enjoy such clients, and have specifically developed our Equity Growth Portfolios to be useful to them.

Is Our Approach Right For You?

Is our approach a good fit for you? The initial interview process is a two-way discussion to determine your needs, a sense of partnership, and understanding how working with RM+P can help you achieve results from a process that makes sense to you. We thrive in assisting our clients’ legal and accounting advisors to provide an integrated approach to your financial security.

“We believe your money should serve you and what you’re up to in life. It’s our job to understand what that is for each client, and structure portfolios to meet those goals.”