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Our clients include individuals, multi-generational families, trusts, business owners, retirement plans, and non-profits. They are committed to what we call our “be-do-have” philosophy:


Is serious or wants to be serious in commitment to “know yourself, know your times” in terms of emotion and temperament in the context of short-run economic and financial ephemera that dominate the investment environment…versus long term investing.

Willing to learn, understand and accept the reality of how financial markets function and the interaction of risk, return and underlying quality of investments.

Believe in the efficacy of ownership in successful companies to build long term wealth and attain specific goals.

Believe and appreciate the advantage of control available through active management and an integrated approach incorporating legal, tax and investment professionals to realize ultimate goals.

A long-term relationship with professionals who strive to provide a risk-adjusted result that enables clients to achieve long-run objectives that line up with where they are in life and enables them, in their words, to sleep at night.

“We value investors who are looking to make an impact.
Our process is designed to select investments that provide cumulative value.”


1 Respect for
the market
2 Admiration for family
and beneficiaries
3 Diligence to long-term
goals and performance
4 Passion for the
art of investing